Happy New Year!

Apparently, humans have been making and breaking New Year’s resolutions for thousands of years. We prefer to use the term ‘goal’ as it seems more strategic and less loaded with unrealistic expectations. Those of us at Marine Mills Folk School took some time at the end of the year to think ahead to what we want to accomplish over the next year.

Of course, our focus remains on offering hands-on teaching of traditional skills, guided by amazing artist instructors.  The feedback we received during our first year of operation was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging – our participants have loved our classes and instructors.  Over 25% of you have returned to take a second, or sometimes third, or fourth class with us. We love your enthusiasm! We promise to continue offering classes with excellent teachers who share their considerable skills plus work to support a community of learners.

We haven’t been shy about the mission of Marine Mills Folk School: to create connections and strengthen community, to help preserve traditional skills, to help everyone find joy in creating. We are working to create connections between participants and artists, between modern makers and traditional skills, between current trends and traditional skills from other heritages. We want to strengthen the community of artists in the St. Croix Valley as well as the region, to strengthen our local community and the community of life-long learners that we all belong to.  To accomplish these goals, over the next year we plan to:

  • Offer more and more varied classes
  • Offer longer classes with more opportunities to increase skill levels
  • Offer more classes representing the diverse heritages of all peoples that call Minnesota their home

We’ve got plans to equip some new studio spaces (woodshop, fiber arts room, a teaching kitchen) which we can’t do alone – we’ll need help in the form of financial donations and volunteer help.  We count on you to continue to use your family & friend networks to help spread the word about our wonderful classes to prospective students, and to other artists who might be interested in sharing their skills and traditions.  It is making a difference! Our Facebook and Instagram followers are growing everyday.

We hope you’ll hold us accountable throughout the next year, as we work toward our goals. Together, we’re building a new arts & crafts tradition in the Twin Cities area!