Ask Ms. Makers

Got a tough question about crafting or other life issues? Ms. Makers will do her best to provide timely and helpful advice, send in your questions today!

Ms. Makers: For Christmas my daughter gave me a hand-made paddle. It is beautiful, but what she doesn’t know is that I sold my canoe last fall! What should I do?

Gentle Reader: A quick visit online is recommended, to find a new canoe. At least you won’t be up a creek without a …….!
Ms. Makers: My new neighbor and I enjoy talking about our shared love of traditional textile craft works. I gave her a starter project pair of naalbound mittens, as she wasn’t prepared for our cold. She is insisting on wearing them, and telling everyone I made them! I’m afraid my fiber friends will change their opinion of me quicker than a stitch is dropped – how can I repair the damage?

Gentle Reader: Be thankful your neighbor is enjoying your gift and doesn’t appear to have a critical needle in her basket. Remember that true knitters and true friends welcome knitters of all skill levels. And hurry up and take the next Naalbinding class so you can give your neighbor a new pair of mittens just after your dog ‘accidently’ eats the first pair.
Ms. Makers: My wife gave me a new battery-powered drill set for Christmas. I know I should be grateful but I think she did it to make me more productive. She’s quite a list maker. Did she marry me just to complete projects?

Gentle Reader: It is very satisfying to cross off items on a list.