YouTube vs. Folk School

The breadth of information available if you have a computer and some time is truly amazing. Want to know how to trim a hangnail? There’s a video. How to snow blow your driveway efficiently? There’s a video. How to make book shelves using beetle dung? There’s probably a video. Doesn’t this easy access to information mean that folk schools are doomed, perhaps soon to be extinct?

We think the answer is an emphatic ‘no.’ Folk schools provide a vibrant and supportive learning environment. There is something magical that happens when you take a class from a real live artist instructor, along with other learners. Our instructors are willing to share their knowledge after years of experimenting and increasing their own skills. Class participants then add to the discussion by sharing their knowledge or asking questions that you hadn’t considered. Differing perspectives further enhance and enlarge the learning experience. In fact, our instructors often note that they love to teach because they always learn from those attending the classes.

We understand people have different learning styles that may make a video a useful educational tool. And there’s definitely something to be said for the immediacy of finding a video on how to fix a dripping faucet, when you have a dripping faucet. But we think our classes on traditional arts & crafts skills are just what you have been looking for. Our classes are fun, informative, hands-on, perhaps a bit messy, always providing new skills, new friends and new connections – connections within your brain as you learn, connections to traditional skills that we’re working to help preserve, and connections to creative artists and other life-long learners. We hope to see you soon.