Conserving and Protecting

We work to make sure Marine Mills Folk School reflects our mission and values. One of our fundamental beliefs is the recognition that nature has a significant effect on our wellbeing. We understand how important it is to protect and conserve natural places for us all to enjoy. This past week, Vice President Walter Mondale was honored at a dedication at O’Brien State Park for sponsoring federal legislation that protected the St. Croix River and other Wild Rivers in 1968.

Photo Credit: Carl Wegener 

Using humor combined with sincerity, Mr. Mondale reminded all of us of the importance of working together to protect places of natural beauty. Perhaps our grandparents thought most natural resources were unlimited, but times have changed. As life-long learners, we recognize our role in helping conserve the St. Croix River, and other places of natural beauty, whether doing something as simple as picking up litter or getting more involved in conservation efforts.

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Maybe the folk school brings you here for the first time. Maybe your family has been enjoying the St. Croix River for generations. However you find yourself here, take time to soak in the beauty of the Valley. Relax, smell the pine needles, take a stroll at O’Brien Park, look at the river as you eat at a local restaurant. Whatever you choose to do, give a nod to those who had the foresight to protect our national parks, and the park down the street. And thank you, Mr. Mondale.

Photo Credit: Jack Brooksbank 

Want to learn more about the new Walter Mondale Day Use Area at O’Brien State Park? Here’s a nice summary and pictures of the day from St