Sharing Knowledge

These days ‘experts’ seem to be getting a bad rap. There’s a lot of talk about disruption and swamps. Most people wouldn’t rush to have open-heart surgery from a person who hadn’t had years of practice and study. Of course there’s something to be said for having a fresh perspective, but we all benefit from having people in professional roles who have skills and knowledge gained from a combination of study and experience.

This past weekend MMFS students in our sourdough bread-making class soaked up knowledge and tips from Bryce Johnson, a long time baker who sells his bread professionally through his business and at farmers’ markets. Bryce gained his baking expertise through a combination of interest, curiosity and study. His generous sharing of techniques and knowledge both inspired these new bread bakers and generated thoughtful discussion among participants. They in turn shared their knowledge and questions, leading to more sharing of knowledge, and so on and so on!

That’s the beauty of folk schools. Instructors and artists who have spent years developing their expertise come to guide participants as they make stuff. But our instructors come to learn as well and that supportive, curious environment leads to new friendships and enthusiastic learners. Bryce will be back to teach Holiday Breads, come join him or another of our wonderful, gifted instructors at an upcoming class. Be a part of our community of learners, whether as a participant or an expert joining us to share your knowledge. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon.