Imagination and creativity are sometimes identified only with geniuses or famous artists, those who change the future through a scientific discovery or invention, or talented artists who create great works of art. Think Steve Jobs or Michelangelo.

But that understanding shortchanges the rest of us mere mortals. Academics have noted creativity is a condition necessary for human existence (Vygotsky, 2004). Our use of tools and ultimately everything made by humans is the result of creativity and efforts to improve upon things previously created. Still think you need to be an inventor to be considered creative? Think about someone who is effective at your work, or a teacher who has connected with a reluctant reader – they are applying problem solving skills and creativity, making an impact in other’s lives.

Photo Credit: Carl Wegener 

 We think about creativity at Marine Mills Folk School because our mission includes providing opportunities for people to find joy in creating. We believe the act of creating together, of working together to learn a traditional skill such as knitting or spoon carving can bring people together and make their differences seem less important. We also believe that the opportunity to be creative at something new or different, helps you feel refreshed and able to be more creative at your ‘usual’ tasks. Research done on art and public health suggests that creating art reduced stress and anxiety, reduced occupational voids and increased well being.

Want to be more creative in your daily life, improving your ability to problem solve and be effective? Set aside some time for ‘creative’ pursuits: knit a sweater, write a poem, paint, or do some wood working. Better yet, take a look at our upcoming classes and learn a new traditional arts & craft skill at Marine Mills Folk School. The process of creating and sharing knowledge won’t turn you into another Albert Einstein, but you will leave your class refreshed and pleased with what you’ve accomplished. In other words, happy and creative!