Meet An Instructor: Theresa Angelo

Theresa has always enjoyed working with her hands, even during her career as a packaging engineer when she had the most fun making the models of new packaging. With serendipitous help from a friend who invited her to work at his studio she found her niche as a book binder. Join Theresa on September 14 as she shares her passion for book binding! 

What got you interested in bookbinding, and what stitches will you teach in your class? I took a class on bookbinding with Sue Bjerke at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and was hooked! I then experimented on my own, found a bindery in St. Paul where I’d go a few times a week. I ended up making the jump to my own studio, and have been working as an independent since 2014. Coptic stitching is one of the oldest bookbinding techniques as historians guess that it came from Ireland in the 1400s. In our class, we’ll be focused on long stitching.

Photo submitted by: Theresa Angelo 

What do you hope students take away from your class? A sense that they can do bookbinding too! I often have people come up to me at an art fair and comment on how beautiful my books are, that they are too beautiful to touch. My books are not finished until someone write in one! I want people to find enjoyment in making their book but then take it home and use it! Their words have value! 

Photo submitted by: Theresa Angelo 

What about the Marine Mills Folk School mission resonates with you? The idea of preservation. Preservation is not what drives me, creating is my passion, but it is a side benefit. I think about the people who will ultimately purchase and use my books, I hope they will find comfort and peace with their book. Preserving bookbinding techniques and sharing those skills and techniques with others will mean that people in the future will enjoy the benefits of hand made books.

Why do you think there is a renewed interest by people in working with their hands? Working with your hands brings you a sense of peace. It lifts you up.  
What’s a fictional place you’d like to visit? Over the rainbow…the yellow brick road in the Land of Oz.  

Where do you like to visit? Walt Disney World in Florida. I was married there and we recently gave our son a trip as his wedding present. We are real fans!  What resources would you recommend, if people want to pursue their interest in book binding?