Ask Ms. Makers

Got a tough question about crafting or other life issues? Ms. Makers will do her best to provide timely and helpful advice, send in your questions today! 

DEAR MS. MAKERS: My boyfriend left me after multiple arguments about how to clean up our workshop and store tools. Last week at a party a couple of his friends told me he’s been lying about what happened, saying I was unfaithful. I texted him to stop telling lies but he ignored me. I don’t want to get the reputation for something I didn’t do, what can I do to stop this?

GENTLE READER: Your ex-boyfriend sounds like a mosquito, buzzing around trying to get attention. Buy some bug spray! Take on a craft project and don’t give him or his stories any attention. Tell his friends you’ve moved on, and that Marie Kondo is your higher power.

DEAR MS.MAKERS: My buddies came over to help me to cut buckthorn. My brush saw was so dull it wouldn’t work. How do I redeem myself and get my ‘bro’ cred back?

GENTLE READER: A simple yet not inexpensive solution would be to buy an air compressor with several air tools, a chop saw, and a 5,000 psi pressure washer. And, consider a tattoo.