9 Out Of 10 Doctors Recommend: Go Outside!

There is growing evidence that the benefits of spending time in nature include stress-relief and improved physiological health such as lowered blood pressure. Those of us lucky enough to have spent time as children at organized camps or on family camping trips have an intuitive understanding of the positive impact on mental and physical health from being outside in nature. 

Photo Credit: Submitted by C. Brandt

But what’s the connection between a school for traditional skills and spending time in nature? We believe increased interest in traditional arts and crafts has developed at least partially because hands-on learning brings similar benefits as spending more time in nature. People slow down and focus on something that is not familiar to them, and that process brings both personal challenges and relaxation. 

Doctors and insurance companies are beginning to recognize that your mother was right – go outside and play! A recent article highlights the work of Park Rx America and a nifty mapping tool for doctors and others to quickly identify parks in a local vicinity, as more doctors are prescribing time outside to address anxiety, obesity and other health issues. Many folk schools are located in beautiful places because of the connection between traditional skills and the natural world. We hope you’ll join us in the beautiful St. Croix Valley to enrich your life and perhaps improve your health – through hands-on learning combined with a walk in the woods. Your doctor and mother will be pleased.