Planting White Pine Trees

The US Forest Service suggests about 95% of the original white pine trees in the US have been harvested, or destroyed by beetles or disease. We’re all urged to these beautiful trees which grow relatively quickly, no matter where you live. A Google search on planting techniques led to a story about a lumberman in northern Minnesota, Jack Rajala. On his own, he planted over 3 million white pine trees prior to his death in 2016. We felt good about planting 15 white pine saplings, imagine 3 million! Mr. Rajala even wrote a book in 1998 entitled “Bringing Back the White Pine.” Here’s a fellow many people have never heard of, whose business was logging but who also developed a passion for conservation and restoring nature. He educated and encouraged others to plant white pine trees. We found his story inspiring: one person can make a lasting impact. You can, too! Plant some trees, cast your vote, help your neighbor. If you’re interested to learn more about Jack Rajala, see this.