Ask Ms. Makers

Got a tough question about crafting or other life issues? Our new columnist, Ms. Makers, offers timely advice.

DEAR MS. MAKERS: My boyfriend revealed he is turning spindles with the lathe at our local makerspace and selling them to pay off his considerable debts. I had no idea his financial situation was so precarious and now I worry for our future together. Is our relationship doomed?

GENTLE READER: If he is properly trained on the lathe and wearing safety glasses, all will be fine. Proper tool safety is the foundation of all strong relationships. If he is careless in the woodshop, it’s time to cut him loose.

DEAR MS. MAKERS: I recently invited my pastor to join me in attending a folk school class. I was surprised when I didn’t hear back from her, then discovered that my phone auto-corrected my text to invite her to a ‘fu*%#ck school class’ rather than a ‘folk school class!’ What should I do?

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