Answers To Every Question

A recent family discussion involved outdoor fun, camping and the impact that being outdoors can have on everyone’s well-being. Time spent at summer camps, canoeing and hiking, fostered an appreciation for nature as well as provided role models for everyday life. Someone recalled the ‘wisdom’ passed on to a counselor-in-training which remains useful today, the three answers to (almost) every question:
2)What do you think?
3)Drink more water.
Using a combined folk school and design thinking approach, these answers were tested and sure enough, at least one of the answers applied to every question considered!

While it is easy to understand why someone heading into the wild with a bunch of squirrelly teenage boys might start out with the answer ‘No’, those of us at the Marine Mills Folk School think the answer to any question involving the outdoors starts with ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes’ to taking the family on an outdoors adventure, ‘yes’ to making time for a quiet walk in the woods, ‘yes’ to being a good steward of the environment, whether picking up trash or doing trail maintenance over a weekend.   

Photo Credit: Julian Bialowas on Upsplash

We think every day is Earth Day, and we hope you’re able to make time for a visit to a beautiful outdoor spot soon. Bring a friend or child and on the way, pick up trash and appreciate how restorative it is to spend time in the woods, or along a lake, or jogging along a city park trail. You might even head to the St. Croix Valley for a visit to William O’Brien Park or Interstate Park. We hope to see you at a folk school class, when you’re in the neighborhood. Not sure if you should clean out the garage or take a walk? Drink some water and the answer will come to you.

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