Maker Space

One definition of ‘makerspace’ is where things are produced and not consumed. Another definition builds on that thought but suggests a makerspace is where you ‘make meaning’ which can be much more important than the actual product ( The focus on design thinking as an approach to encourage creative problem solving began in the engineering and scientific world but its use has spread to business and other uses. Design thinking has been adopted by many educators, resulting in increased interest in incorporating makerspaces into students’ curriculum. Your child or grandchild may even have a makerspace in their school. 

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The emphasis on collaborative learning, exploring, sharing and making of the modern makerspace movement is also what folk schools across the country offer our students. We believe coming together to learn a new skill and engage those brain cell in new ways is good for problem solving but more importantly, good for your mental health. In our classes, the instructors both share their knowledge but are also students, learning from participants who bring their knowledge and life experiences to the group. Creating communities through making and learning is what folk schools are all about. Join us soon, at our ‘maker’ space!

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