Meet Intern Isabella Herman

Isabella is from Kenosha, WI, the daughter of an Italian immigrant mother and a dad who grew up in Milwaukee.  She was interested to work with us at Marine Mills Folk School to learn more about what happens at a start-up nonprofit organization. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. I’ve always been interested in the arts, I grew up dancing and continue that interest today as a choreographer and dancer at the U in their dance club. I’m studying at the Carlson School of Management, and am interested in sustainability and social justice. 

Were you aware of folk schools before this internship? No, although my mother was interested in crafting and art classes, so I had explored different crafts throughout my youth. Once I ‘googled’ folk schools I was intrigued because of my interest in the arts. I was also interested in an internship because of the school’s mission, to connect people and to encourage everyone to be creative. I like to be involved in activities where I believe in the mission and feel the organization is making an impact.    

Would you recommend an internship to others? Yes, it’s been rewarding and I’ve learned a lot about analytics and demographics, which will be beneficial no matter what career I pursue. I was interested to try new things and directions, and I think other students would benefit by incorporating an internship into their undergraduate experience. 

What brings you joy? Creative expression – if I’ve had a bad day I can reduce my anxiety and stress by choregraphing a dance, I become completely focused and lose myself in the process. I also like making an impact in areas that are important to me – I recently hosted a discussion on sustainability and the fashion industry where we had a great discussion, and afterward several people came up to me to thank me for hosting and they told me they were seriously thinking about adding sustainability classwork into their plans, because of the interest our discussion had sparked. 

Do college students read books any more, outside of what is required for classes? Definitely!  My interests are mostly non-fiction.
My recommendations:  
‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’ by Thomas Friedman
‘Becoming’ by Michelle O’Bama 

What would you do if you won $1 million? I’d pay off my college loans and buy my parents a house somewhere warm. My mother has had the biggest impact on my life, she arrived as an immigrant when she was 14, her whole life has been an inspiration for me. She had to learn the language and help her parents, she paid her way through college because she was determined to get a college degree. She’s had serious health issues throughout my childhood but she’s always upbeat and taking care of everyone besides herself. I’d want to give back to her and my father, if I won the lottery!