Pssst – Are you Grundtvigian?

Those of us in the folk school world hold N.F.S. Grundtvig, a Dane who lived in the 1800’s, in high regard.  Although a bit of a cranky disrupter, he developed key tenants that are embedded in the folk school movement: 

  • Self-directed learning from others in a non-competitive environment 
  • Importance of community and civic engagement 
  • Life-long learning

Grundtvig didn’t believe that learning stopped when someone graduated from high school or college, and neither do we.   Life-long learners will find a home at Marine Mills Folk School.  Here students of all ages challenge themselves to learn a new traditional craft in a supportive environment, sharing their experience and knowledge.  Bring a friend or come on your own and experience the joy of learning and creating.  We think Mr. Grundtvig would be pleased.