Antidote for Winter Blues

As Midwesterners, we need to be resourceful to fight off the ‘winter blues’. Cold weather, grey skies, and shorter days can all contribute to a general feeling of low energy and lethargy. While sufferers of ‘seasonal affective disorder (SAD)’ need more professional support and therapies, chances are many of our readers recognize this general malaise in themselves and others at this time of year. In a New York Times article a SAD expert at the University of Vermont, Dr. Kelly Rohan, discussed the use of cognitive behavioral therapy but also noted she urges SAD sufferers to get out of the house and stay active, “we’re trying to change the hands and trying to change the head, but the hands can change the head.” That seems like advice for all of us in cold winter climates.

Beat the ‘winter blues’ by taking a Marine Mills Folk School class with a friend, or on your own! 9 out of 10 folk school supporters agree that taking a class to learn a traditional folk skill will engage your head and your hands, helping energize you and bring a smile no matter what color the sky is outside. You’ll connect with people interested in both sharing their knowledge (or lack thereof) and a few laughs… ideal antidote for the ‘winter blues.’ Hope to see you in class soon!